Dubai Hair Transplant


Anyone suffering from baldness seeks numerous options to overcome it; some choose cosmetic hair replacement or surgery, while others choose operations such as hair transplants.
Those undergoing Dubai hair transplant must understand that in order to find a solution for hair loss, they must first determine the most crucial factor: hair density.

Hair density refers to the number of hair follicles per square centimeter of scalp, indicating how densely packed they are.
Hair density varies by person, country, area, and race. According to the study, Africans have the lowest hair density, whereas Caucasians have the highest hair density.
Discover why hair density is important in a hair transplant:

When considering a hair transplant, you should prioritize two factors.
#1. The first and most important step is to choose a well-known and reputable clinic where the surgeon specializes in this skilled trade. The meticulous attention to detail greatly influences the effectiveness of a Dubai hair transplant!
#2. Second, and equally important, is hair density. Let us investigate why hair density is such a significant influencing factor in hair transplant.

For the preservation of your natural pattern, the surgeon must keep the hair follicles united.
The transplanted follicle’s direction should correspond to your combing routine.
Even the angle and pattern of follicle implantation are critically important.
If you are young, keep your pattern baldness in mind and add density to regions where strands are likely to fall later.
Neglecting to maintain hair density after transplantation can lead to adverse effects.
If you neglect hair density, you will not achieve the desired effect of thick, natural hair. If you are young and pattern baldness has not yet progressed, it will occur eventually. If the surgeon does not pack enough follicles in those prone places, you may experience hair thinning again within a few years.
A qualified hair transplant surgeon can shape the transplant operation so that the follicles have a better chance of survival and have a full head of hair for the rest of their lives.
Looking for a hair transplant in Dubai?

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Dubai Hair Transplant