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15 Little-Known Facts About Bathroom Renovations


Renovation of any type can be scary. However, when it comes to bathroom renovation in Dubai, an area that demands efficiency, cleanliness, ideality, and a touch of glamour, things can become complicated.

Making decisions from mirrors to tiles can be overwhelming due to the multitude of options available. When redesigning your bathroom, your daily personal care routine should be the most important consideration. As a result, you can customize it to meet your own requirements, making you more comfortable.

So, in this essay, we’ll try to learn a few basics regarding renovating your bathroom in Dubai.

Let’s plunge in!

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15 Little-Known Facts About Bathroom Renovations

1. Bathroom Remodel Cost: You may believe that bathroom renovation expenses cannot be that expensive because it is only one section of your home. But you’re mistaken. Even with basic materials, accessories can cost between 2000 and 15,000 AED in Dubai.

Several things can influence the cost of upgrading your bathroom. Plumbing is one of the most prevalent issues that can drive up the cost of your bathroom renovation. So keep this in mind while you redesign your bathroom.

2. Overall Design and Style: When redesigning your bathroom, it is critical to have a cohesive design and style. Create a suitable layout to visualize the final look.

With the correct layout and design, you can be confident that your bathroom has the necessary fixtures and provides a comfortable area for others. Once you articulate your requirements, we can craft the ideal design and style that aligns with your vision and includes the necessary amenities.

3. Perfect Lighting Is All You Need: If you want your bathroom to look elegant, a few light bulbs will not suffice. You should take bathroom lighting seriously because it can influence the overall ambiance.

There are four types of lighting in bathrooms: task, ornamental, sparkle, and accent. It all depends on how you want to combine these elements to create a style that suits your bathroom routine.

4. Appropriate Storage Space: A properly operating bathroom should have adequate storage space for all toiletries, towels, and other bathroom necessities.

All of the soaps, moisturizers, and skincare products might get a little messy, especially when multiple people are using the restroom.

So, the major goal is to make it trendy without sacrificing its aesthetic appeal. This is the only thing you should write down when developing a bathroom blueprint for renovation.

5. Communicate With Your Bathroom Renovation Contractor: Do not assume that you and your bathroom renovation contractor in Dubai will always be on the same page. You must convey every detail, design, and style to your contractor whenever you intend to change anything.

To prevent having the wrong knee replaced, think of bathroom renovation as surgery; you must seek confirmation from the doctor until the surgery is complete.

6. Install Accessible Switch Points: You don’t want to finish your bathroom renovation without installing accessible switches.

Avoid these mistakes: plugging in the hairdryer but not seeing yourself in the mirror, or sharing a bathroom with someone and neglecting to install several switch points. Take care of these issues before completing the bathroom renovation.

7. Choose Tiles Carefully: Forget the different tile samples that your bathroom renovation contractor shows you; instead, consider a few key points before picking tiles. They must be durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing on the bathroom wall or floor.

You can choose glass, porcelain, natural stone, cement, or ceramic tile according to your preference. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you may choose the color and shape.

8. Choose the Correct Sink Height: The common counterparts are higher than 32″ and 34″ from the floor. Consider how the sink’s height compares to its competitors.

Choose the appropriate sink height.

For example, if your sink is above the counter, you should reduce the counter height to make it easier to wash your hands and brush.

9. Install a window: Humidity accumulates in the bathroom due to a lack of adequate ventilation. A fan can help, but natural air will be beneficial if you include a window in your bathroom renovation. This will make your bathroom look cleaner and fresher.

10. Consider woodwork: When upgrading your bathroom, woodwork is another important factor to consider. Some people prefer wood floors over other flooring options.

Bathroom drawers with larger shelves. Investing in high-quality wood will enhance the appearance of your bathroom.

11. Try to be creative: Not everyone gets the opportunity to refurbish their bathroom. So, if you have one, try to be more creative in your ideas and designs. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your bathroom both stylish and classy.

So, replace those old tiles, paint them subtly, and incorporate modern market goods. Allow people to be amazed when they see your new bathroom.

12. Shower or Tub: When deciding between a shower and a bathtub, consider whether you plan to reside in the house permanently or move out at any point. If you want to live in the house for five years, purchase a bathtub; otherwise, a shower is a good and cost-effective solution.

Though the future is unclear, the most practical option is to utilize a shower or bathtub, depending on how long you plan to spend in the residence.

13. Plumbing: You’d be astonished at how much hair goes down the toilet. The larger your bathroom drain, the less likely it is to clog.

So, consider expanding your bathroom drain by 2 inches. The cost difference for upgrading the drain will be negligible or exceed your bathroom renovation budget.

14. Small Bathroom: If you have a small bathroom, you can choose between a traditional or modern floor-standing toilet, a water-saving toilet, and a wall-mounted toilet. A small bathroom only requires a toilet that is compact in size.

15. Final Touches: Once your bathroom renovation is complete, you can add the finishing touches. You can now create the designs you want. Place some plants, foot mats, candles, or photographs on the wall near the window. It will add a subtle look to your bathroom.


Finally, we can state that the 15 things listed above will make or break your bathroom renovation. As a result, it is best to conduct studies and plan ahead of time.

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Bathroom renovation in dubai